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DCH Walking Trail Near Davis Medical Center in Statesville - Paved & Shaded Short Walk

DCH Walking Trail in Statesville, NC © Katrena
DCH Walking Trail is located just to the left of Davis Medical Center in Statesville.

DCH Walking Trail in Memory of Lillie Norket's 60 Years of Service
Dedicated by Sunshine Volunteers © Katrena
Walking Trail with Stones Honoring Service at Davis Medical Center © Katrena

Stone in Honor of Marie Vaughn, RN with 40 Years of Service at
David Medical Center © Katrena

Bench in Honor of DCH Nurses, 1995 © Katrena

Bench at DCH Walking Trail © Katrena
The trail was given  by the Sunshine Volunteers in 1995 in memory of Lillie Norket's 60 years of service. Several other memorial plaques and stones are also on the walking trail.

Short Walking Trail in Iredell County Lined by Crepe Myrtles © Katrena

Free Walking Trail in Statesville © Katrena

Shaded Walking Trail Near Davis Medical Center © Katrena

Pretty Walking Trail Near Davis Medical Center in Statesville © Katrena
The walking trail includes a small pond with a paved walkway leading from the road beside David Medical Center.

Trees Along Walking Trail in Statesville © Katrena

Woodpecker Holes in Tree at Walking Trail in Statesville © Katrena

Trail for De-stressing in Iredell County © Katrena

Magnolia Tree Along Walking Trail in Iredell County © Katrena
A variety of trees line the trail and provide shade while walking. Quite a few birds, particularly robins, gravitate to the area.

Paved Walking Trail with Grape Arbor © Katrena
Several benches and a picnic table are beside the trail for those who want to have a picnic lunch or just rest a while.

Pretty Wildlife at DCS Walking Trail © Katrena

Blue Dasher at Statesville Walking Trail © Katrena
The plants growing at the water's edge attract dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies, frogs, and fish.

Walking Trail Around a Pond © Katrena
Although this trail is in sight of a road and is directly beside the medical center, peace surrounds the area and provides a nice respite from the hustle and bustle occurring nearby.

Walking Trail Near Water © Katrena
If you like to take nature pictures, you might be surprised at all the opportunities on this short trail.

Outdoor Activities in Statesville © Katrena

Social Distancing on Walking Trail in Iredell County © Katrena
My family is always looking for trails where we can get out and exercise and enjoy nature. This was one we found without even searching for trails - what a nice surprise!

Turtle at Pond © Katrena

Honeysuckle Vine © Katrena
Many thanks to the Sunshine Volunteers for their thoughtful gift. Lillie Norket must have been a special person, and I know she'd be proud of how the group honored her memory.

Damselfly at Walking Trail © Katrena
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Shaded Walking Trail with Picnic Table © Katrena

Sky Reflection in the Pond © Katrena

Damselflies © Katrena
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