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Boone's Cave Park Near Lexington NC – Beautiful Hike Near Yadkin River

Boone's Cave Park in NC
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Boone's Cave Park, a 100-acre park located near Lexington, North Carolina off NC-150 provides visitors a chance to enjoy scenery reminiscent of the Appalachian Mountains while still in the Piedmont. Enjoy beautiful foliage, native wildlife, and imagine how life might have been for Daniel Boone and his family at this National Heritage travel destination.

Hiking Trail Near Yadkin River in Davidson County
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I had not visited Boone's Cave Park in quite a few years, but one day I decided to load up the girls and head for the hills, well, sort of. The drive will take visitors out several miles along a quaint rural area of Davidson County several miles outside of Lexington.

The first thing that caught my eye after arriving were the pretty flowers near the restrooms. Someone has put some time into planting some nice daylilies, black-eyed susans, and other colorful flowers that attracted lots of butterflies the day we were there. I have many of the same types of flowers in my yard, so this made me feel right at home!

A nice picnic shelter is located at the back of the parking area, and it houses quite a few picnic tables. There are also some tables just beyond it for those who would like to take in the filtered sunshine and be a little closer to the river.

The trail between the shelter and restrooms is graveled and wouldn't work well for wheelchair access, but those who would like to hike to the top can enjoy seeing a replica of a log cabin that is similar to one that Daniel Boone's family might have lived in at that location. There are some historical markers that offer a bit of information about the Boone family and the area.
Daniel Boone Cave Park Hiking Trail
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Another trail begins to the left of the picnic shelter. This trail has numerous steps that take hikers down to the edge of the Yadkin River. You will probably be able to catch glimpses of the river as you descend, depending on the time of year. There are a few places where you can see the old trail that was a bit more rugged than the nice wooden stairs offered today.

Once down to the bottom, you can head to the left to get closer to the Yadkin. There are a few areas where large rocks jut out and you can enjoy sitting right by the water while listening to the peaceful sounds of flowing water and bird calls. Those with a license might want to fish from this area, or you might want to enjoy a snack right at the edge of the water. Sometimes you might see a boat or canoe along the river.
Boone's Cave in North Carolina
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The trail that heads to the right at the bottom of the stairs meanders through a nice wooded area. You can see two small caves, hence the name of the park. Several labels along the trail highlight some of the interesting plants. The park boasts North Carolina's fifth largest tree, the Eastern Cottonwood, that stands 154 feet tall with a trunk that is about 5 feet in diameter.

There are a few small bridges along the trail. Nature lovers and bird watchers may wish to bring binoculars in order to enjoy the sights in even more detail. Native birds, butterflies, bees, and spiders provided lots of interest as we hiked. Birds may migrate through the area in the spring and fall, so you may see some birds that aren't necessarily native to the area as well.

Hiking Trail Near Yadkin River Near Lexington  
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Boone's Cave Park offers a peaceful, quiet place to enjoy a picnic and hike together with the kids. You can turn the visit into an educational opportunity by learning the names of several plants. Most of the trails are wooded, but it would be wise to bring sunscreen just in case. You might also want mosquito repellent during warmer months as well.

Find hours of operation, driving directions, and more at the North Carolina Environmental Education page on Boone's Cave Park. Discover more great ideas for travel destinations at the Travel NC With Kids site map.

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